2019 Charitable Contribution

Thank you, UMACRAO Members for your generous contribution. $904.00 and 400 books were dontated to promote adult literacy.

Thank you letter from Paige Carter


Our History

Our organization has come a long way since we started 31 years ago as a prison ministry called Sioux Falls Area Literacy Council. While our primary mission to teach adults to read, write and improve life skills has not changed, the scope of our program has changed significantly. In 2014 we changed our name to REACH to reflect that change. We are reachingan even broader community across the Sioux Empire and helping others reach their goals and dreams.

About Us

At REACH Literacy our mission is to provide individualized reading, writing, and life skills tutoring that empowers adults in the Sioux Empire to reach their potential.


Adult learners come to us with a wide range of reading skills.


Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. Whether it is writing names, letter writing or learning to fill out a job application.


Adult learners build the self-confidence to take on new challenges such as reading a bus schedule, getting a library card, navigating the internet, and overcoming other obstacles.