AACRAO Election Results

Congratulations to Sarah Harris for her election to the 2019-2020 Nominations & Elections Committee! Thank you, Sarah, for continuing to represent UMACRAO at the national level!

Category: Nominations and Elections Committee

AACRAO is built on volunteerism and our voices are important building blocks. When speaking with AACRAO leadership, they instill a value of belonging to each and every member as well as letting members know there is a tool for involvement and contribution to our profession. The professional development opportunities (meetings/conferences, webinars, publications, listservs, networking) in AACRAO as well as state & regional ACRAO’s are instrumental for success in our higher education careers. If elected to be a member of the N&E committee, I would utilize my previous AACRAO experiences (5 years as a Professional Activities Committee member, 3 years as PAC Chair, 3 years as a Program Committee Group Coordinator, 1 year (2017) as Annual Meeting Program Vice Chair, and 1 year (2018) Annual Meeting Program Chair) to help create a qualified slate for AACRAO leadership and our continued success as an inclusive, diverse, global organization.

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